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Intermission - Mixed Reality Meditative Journey

"A transformative, solo journey of self reflection. This 80 minute theatrical experience combines wellness techniques such as meditation and mindfulness with immersive performance."

We are excited to present Reflex Arc's collaboration with the talented immersive theatre creators, Riptide! Together, we delved into the world of meditation, mixed reality and VR to bring an extraordinary experience to the city of Leeds during 2023.

Using HTC VIVE XR Elite headsets, we gradually transported participants from the real world into a deeply individual and out-of-this-world meditative journey.

That's just one portion of the overall experience, which took them from an initial "AI" powered onboarding interview (the outputs of which shaped how their VR experience would look and behave, making it a unique experience for every person) - all the way through multiple physical rooms over two storeys of discovery.

Intermission was a unique immersive experience with care at its core. Audience members were guided on an individual journey through a series of therapeutic treatments, each mindfully designed to reflect and reconnect with themselves.

Developed and delivered by a team of mental health professionals, life coaches, yoga instructors, performers and masseuses and, of course, VR development experts, the show was grounded in a commitment to holistic health and wellness.

“The value of touch, eye contact, kindness and curiosity are immeasurable” - Yorkshire Post.

“A transformative and vital experience.” - Enter Stage Write.

“Profound. Life affirming.” Mag North @magnorthmag

Intermission was made possible by Innovate UK, Arts Council England and XR Stories.

Photo credits 📸: @jma.photo