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Reebok Vortex

Technology/platform: Built with Unreal Engine 4. Works with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Focus and upcoming untethered mobile headsets.

Case study: we worked with Intermarketing Agency to make a fun, bespoke VR game/experience for the Reebok Aztrek trainer relaunch.

The underlying beat-based game system is now also used in our exercise/rehabilitation games, and can be used for anything from simple boxing games to pop up VR experiences on a white label basis.

The engine is built with a very efficient entity component system (ECS), making it very performant in VR and mobile.

In the news: Reebok heads back to the 90s.

The game in action at a launch event in London

In game footage.

Software Development: Victor Blanco, Richard England

Project Management / Beatmaps: Ilona Wheldale England

Audio: Jim Kennedy