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Kinetic Flux - Manchester Science Festival 2015

Influence the flow of kinetic energy in this installation commission by Electricity North West, which monitors your movements with an infrared camera, and illustrates the effects of speed, distance and direction via a dazzling network of glass sculptures and electric light.

This was developed with the artist Paul Miller and glass artist Griet Beyaert and created in partnership with Electricity North West and the University of Salford.

It's part of a thematic discussion around future renewable energy. A looped network of glass sculptures hangs in the air, through which electric light and sound energy pulses and flows gently, until we step closer and take control: all our movements are monitored by an infra-red camera (Kinect), so that speed, distance and direction all influence the current and sound. As our kinetic energy is directly harvested and processed to be projected out into the space, we stand in front of the glowing, sparking glass and witness the effects of the movements immediately, showing us the relationship between human activity and energy output. The piece invited participation and play but also led to many interesting discussions about this neglected area of study.

The work was seen by over 2000 people during the course of the festival and an integral part of the work was interacting with large groups of all ages, disseminating technical and creative information, and encouraging play in the installation.