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Ecolab / Network DM: Sporeliminator

Sporeliminator was a game created both for web/mobile browsers and another version built specifically for trade shows.

The game was for the client Ecolab to exhibit at a trade show to promote one of its cleaning products. The game itself was a fairly simple affair, a "point and shoot" where participants aimed at virtual spores that were blowing towards the screen.

The idea was to shoot/spray as many spores as you could before (a) they reached the edge of the screen, and (b) time ran out.

The particularly interesting aspect/challenge of this job was that the controller needed to take the shape of a spray bottle and for the interaction to emulate the action of the spray - i.e. point the nozzle at the screen and squeeze the trigger to spray.

We used a custom light gun module, combined with a some specially modelled 3D printed parts as well as original spray bottle/nozzle components, to make a part retrofitted, part original spray bottle controller using the original trigger mechanism, an early version of which can be seen below:

At the trade show itself this game acted very effectively as a call-to-action to attract and drive interactions with participants.

  1. It attracted trade show attendees with the content and an interesting, quirky (but on message) interaction.
  2. In order to play the game the participants needed to give their contact details / organisation.
  3. It motivated them to play (and replay) with a leaderboard, and a good talking point to start communications at a later date, hence making connections during, and after the event/s.

You can see the online version of the game at the Ecolab website

It works on desktop and mobile.